Peux - Made in Switzerland
All PEUX products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland by F. Nydegger SA (Castione / Bellinzona - Ticino). The PEUX workshop, equipped with computer numerical controlled machines of the highest precision, has been active for more than 15 years. PEUX technology is based on carefully selected materials, innovative engineering and the best custom treatment for durability. It delivers flawless performance year after year, enjoying the prestige of a Swiss quality product.

PEUX reels are angler-friendly
Withstanding the most demanding environments, PEUX products make fly-fishing enjoyable and efficient. Experienced fishermens  and many enthusiastic customers push us to improve our products every day.

The first time you fish with a PEUX reel, you will be instantly impressed with the meticulous machining, the Swiss engineering and the ergonomic design.

Design and tradition
PEUX teamed with the Swiss company Stellina Design to merge years of technological research and a tradition of fine craftsmanship in the new PEUX SL design – form and function in a single precious product.

Prizes and distinctions

Peux tradition, innovation and technology have been rewarded with public acknowledgment for the company's patents and manufacturing precision.

The Peux reels are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland according to the tradition of highest precision and high quality mechanics, both concerning the choice of materials and the most modern equipment.


International Exhibition of Inventions
of Geneva 2005

Silver medal

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